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2021 - Play Shed for Ezra

Two local Lions Clubs, The Deepings and Stamford, responded to an appeal made by Beverley and Andy Caulton from Easton-on-the-Hill on behalf of their son Ezra.

Ezra, aged 5, was born prematurely and has global development issues and sadly cannot walk and talk like other children of his age.

Currently he is waiting for an MRI scan to confirm a cerebral palsy diagnosis.

Ezra’s mum and dad wanted to create a safe place for him to play in the back garden.

They launched an appeal to help with the work in February following the loss of Andy’s job due to the pandemic.

As part of the ‘make over’ they thought that a garden playhouse would be a wonderful addition as it would create a safe, fun and cosy environment.

The two Lions Clubs were pleased to help and together purchased the playhouse for Ezra to enjoy together with his brother Brogan and their friends.

Beverley said: “Ezra is an outgoing boy who accepts his disability with a smile. We know he will love playing in his playhouse. Andy and I would like to thank both the Lions’ Clubs for their kind support.”

If you’d like to join The Deepings or Stamford Lions to make a difference and have some fun visit their Facebook Pages.


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