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Spectacle Recycling


Where and how to recycle glasses

We have been recycling spectacles for many years.

If you bring spectacles to our collection boxes, we will collect them, package and send to our headquarters in Birmingham who will then sort them ready for shipping to our French partners who grade them according to the prescription, clean them up and get them ready for sending wherever is needed in the world.  From there they are matched to a person in need so that they can see properly again.

Therefore for every pair of glasses that you recycle a person somewhere in the world will be able to see properly and this will enhance their lives, just by your act of kindness and saving the planet at the same time.

Where can you recycle your spectacles?

Wherever Lions hold an event there is usually a bin, or give them to a Lion there.

Bins are inside the following places:

Boots Opticians - High Street

Pirrie Optometrists - Maiden Lane

Specsavers Opticians - Inside Morrisons Supermarket, Uffington Road

Stamford Eye Clinic - St Peter's Street

Vision Express - High Street

Stamford Hospital Reception

We would like to thank everyone for recycling your glasses.  With your help and generosity we have been able to assist a great many people to see better and enjoy life again.

We also recycle hearing aids.

Please pop them in the same bins with your glasses.

Unfortunately we cannot take the cases anymore.

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