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Lion President Gill
did shave her mane



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On the evening of 11th November 2021 Lion Gill participated in a family head shave event in support of her Nephew who is fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma

On New Year's Eve 2020 her Nephew, Kevin 22, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and has been undergoing treatment ever since.  It was a devastating diagnosis for one so young, with all his life ahead of him, and his family.

As Kevin lives in California it was not possible for the family to go over and support him due to the pandemic.  Gill's Sister, Susan, came up with an idea of how to support him and vowed that if Kevin lost his hair through the treatment, she would shave hers off in support.  Fortunately for her he didn't lose his hair initially, but after starting a second round of Immunotherapy guess what, his hair fell out. 


So Susan, true to her word, said that she would shave her head and asked the rest of the family if they would join her and they all said yes.


Susan organised a charity dinner, near her home town, where she was the first to have her head shaved.  As far as Kevin was aware it was only Susan having her head shaved.  The dinner "The Hair Ball" was a great success and  raised quite a bit of money for The Blossom Charity, who do amazing work with makeovers and courses for young girls among other things.  For more information visit their website (link below).

Kevin tuned in over the internet to watch the Head Shave and Susan stepped up to have it done, he was smiling all through.  The look on his face as one by one we all stepped up to have our heads shaved.  The biggest surprise for him was when his 77 year old Grandmother stepped up to have her head shaved.  There were 5 in all who stepped up in support of their family member.

Lion Gill raised money for Brain Tumour Research, a charity that Lions are affiliated with, which is researching Brain Tumours in children.  For more information visit their website (link below). 


Our Lion President Gill raised a total £1,060 for the cause.

Gill's Sister Susan raised over £4,000 for The Blossom Charity (website and details below).

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