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Santa's Grotto


We are delighted to be hosting Santa again in our Grotto on Sunday 27th November 2022.

The Grotto will be situated in Broad Street, Stamford as usual, outside Browne's Hospital.

He is really looking forward to seeing the children

of Stamford again, he enjoys his conversations with you and looks forward to giving you a small gift to keep you going until he does his big delivery on Christmas Eve.

Make sure you send your letters in early so that his elves can get busy sourcing all the things on your wish list.

Some of his elves will accompany him again this year along with Mrs Claus. 

Don't forget to look out for that naughty elf. 

You might also catch a glimpse of Rudolph if you are really lucky.

The Grotto will be open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We all know how busy Santa gets and he does do his best to see all the children who take the time to

come to see him. 

We would appreciate it, if you could please help him out a little and come early to avoid disappointment.

Parents, guardians, friends etc. please don't forget your camera to capture the moment.

We all look forward to seeing you all, it is the highlight of our year.

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