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Christmas Tree Festival

Friday 23rd November to Sunday 9th December

St John's Church, Stamford


Great News

Two Pantomime Dames came for the grand opening on Friday 23rd November at 10:30 a.m. and kindly cut the ribbon for us


Our annual Christmas Tree Festival was held in St John's Church.

Local schools, organisations, charities and groups to decorated Christmas Trees to raise their awareness and once again brought the Church to life.

The trees were on display for 2 weeks while visitors came to view and make generous donations.

These generous donations were split equally between Stamford and District Lions chosen charity, The Churches Conservation Trust and All Saint's Church.  This year our chosen charity is Second Helping Community Café at Barn Hill Methodist Church.

Thanks to the publics generosity we were able to give a total of £450 in donations.


Our chosen charity, Second Helping Community Café at Barn Hill Methodist Church.  We invited them to decorate a tree and they decorated it with pasta, bread, carrots etc highlighting their ethos of saving food from ending up in landfill and using it to feed those in need.  We were delighted to help out.

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